This is the coffee that started me on my quest for good coffee. I had been having some brain fog and per my internet research it probably was all the bad coffee I was drinking. The way commercial coffee is stored and processed promotes the growth of mold. And the type of mold that grows on coffee messes with your head.

Being a total newbie to the craft coffee culture, my research sent me to the Bullet Proof Coffee website. Truth be told, I didn’t buy it. I found a local coffee shop (now closed) that roasted their own single source, organic beans. I purchased a bag and my fog cleared up. This might be voodoo but 1) when I drink office coffee I get brain fog again and 2) who cares (I became a coffee love all over again).

It was two years ago that I heard of Bulletproof Coffee. I was in Whole Foods the other day and found it on the shelf so I decided to give it a try.

I brewed it using the three methods I used and enjoyed every cup. It was a clean cup of coffee. No aftertaste or bitterness…and no brain fog. It’s $17 on the website and I picked it up on sale for $16. Not a bad deal (and no shipping charges).

My favorite way to brew it was using my Chemex. I gave a richer flavor. All three methods (Chemex, AeroPress and pour over) gave a clean cup.


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