This week I picked up a bag of Lucky Jack from groundwork coffee. They have locations (roasters) in North Hollywood and Portland, Oregon. I got it out of the bulk bin at my local whole foods. Per the label on the barrel it had been delivered the day before. It’s a medium roast but I would put it more on the darker side of the of the roast spectrum. I only used the pour over and Chemex to brew this week. I was super busy all week and the french press and AeroPress take too much time to brew in the morning.

Both methods gave a good cup of coffee. They were dark and rich. One of the reasons I would categorize (probably the only reason now that I think of it) this as a dark roast is you can taste the roast more than the origin of the bean. Since this is a blend, that’s a standard procedure.

I’m not interested in trying some more coffee from groundwork. So keep a look out for more reviews from this roaster.